Cyprus Welcomes You

Over the years this Mediterranean island has become a firm favourite with travellers so much so that many make the return visit for Cyprus holidays. The island has fantastic weather which is a key reason to its popularity as well as many modern resorts that cater for all types of holidaymakers.

For those looking for a great party atmosphere on Cyprus holidays you will want to head for the Famagusta district where the popular resort of Ayia Napa is. There you will find everything is in reasonable walking distance, but of course you could hire a car, bike or moped to make travel a little easier.

Ayia Napa is of course blessed with a very lively nightlife and the party doesn’t stop till the sun comes back up. The Square is a popular area with many bars to drink in and is considered a good starter place for a long nights drinking. Good places to head to after are clubs like Moulin Rouge, Toga Toga, the Castle Club and Starskys. If you don’t know where to find them promo staff will find you, you need not worry about that. With plenty of places to drink on your Cyprus holidays, Ayia Napa is considered the best.

Of course there is more to just drinking in Ayia Napa, you could head to the famous Nissi beach to work on your tan make sure you get there early however because it does get busy, BBC’s Radio One hosts a beach party there over the summer. Ayia could be the perfect destination for your Cyprus holidays.


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